The way we grow vineyards is the typical one: a spurred row of vines which includes about 4000 plants per hectare. We generally start toiling the soil after vintage and at the beginning of the year vines are pruned. Each plant is left with 4 fruit heads with two buds which will bear a shoot with two bunches of grapes each.
   At Springtime the tiny, little twigs are cut off and the shoots are carefully tied up vertically to avoid one grows longer than the other. At Summertime vines are trimmed and thinned out, which happens through three different phases: the first when they start becoming dark and the topmost bunches are cut off, the second when they are already black and the late ripening bunches are cut off and the last one just a few days before the picking and vintage to remove the improper ones. The purpose of all this is to get one bunch of grapes per shoot and 8 bunches weighing 200 grams each per vine plant in order to keep to the proportion of 1Kg of grapes per square meter of sunshine exposed vine. A further selection of the grapes takes place during the picking which is compulsory hand made and with small baskets. At the mouth of the stalk-removing machine the bunches are still further selected one by one to remove, if there are any, the improper ones left. These vintage selections help to fix which tanks, obviously the very best, are for Brunello wine, which for Rosso D.O.C. and which are for Rosso I.G.T. Every further process is now in the hands of the cellar people.
   The grapes, removed from their stalks and softly pressed (trod), have to undergo a 2 day pre -fermentative steeping under a controlled temperature of 15° C., afterwards they are let free to ferment but temperature must never be over 28° C. As soon as the fermentation is over, the containers locked with a cask filler and the racking takes place 25 days after vintage. The marcs are now pressed with a pneumatic pressing machine which has a maximum pressure of o,8 BAR in order to get only the purest wine.       Within 48 hours the marcs are sent to a local distillery which prepares the wine distillate. The young wine is now left in the containers at a constant temperature of 22 C. to help the malolactic fermentation. At the end of this last phase the wine is separated from the dregs and poured into the oak casks for refining: 8/12 months for the Red and 24/36 months for Brunello. After cask ageing the wine is bottled for bottle refining.


The way we work
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