Campo di Marzo

   The origins of the name of our wine go back in time and we have to refer to the Early Middle Ages when there were no professional armies and soldiers were simple free peasants. As horses were expensive and valuable goods, they fought on foot in battles which took place in Spring or Summer. Winters were so cold that it would also be almost impossible to protect oneself from coldness. Battles didn’t last long as there was no way to be supported with foodstuffs for very long periods of time, besides peasants had to go back home in time for harvesting the crops and picking the grapes.
   At the beginning of the Spring the warrior-farmers were summoned for inspection, which was called “CAMPO DI MARZO” because it took place in March. All this started at the time of the Francs and particularly under the Merovinges. But it is under the Carolinges that the typical Franc institutions consolidate and reach Central Italy. As a consequence our ancestors, who lived in a territory called FUNDO RESCIANO in the south-western of Montalcino territory, couldn’t have skipped all this. The Fundo Resciano was part of the Longobard Parish of Santa Restituta.
   The territory stretched among bushy hills rich in fox-grape: the very first kind of vine which gave the Etruscans their first wine. All this is supported by the many archeological finds dug in the Etruscan Fort on top of the Civitella Hill. The territory was the sunniest in the area and from here the saying: “A beam of sun for each grape”. It has become our motto as our farm estate is situated in the above mentioned territory.


Campo di Marzo
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