Campaperi is a Tuscan mispronounciation of “Field of pear trees”, or the field where the first specialized vineyard was fixed in the ‘60s. It’s a field with good soil looking south and caressed by sea winds. Its colour is reddish and rich in rubble which the passing of time has slowly crumbled. There are some wild pear trees at its edges; that’s why it has been called “Campaperi”.
   The Brunello Campaperi, made from the grapes coming from our oldest  vineyard, has a very intense shining red colour, it smells berries and cherries with some nuances of vanilla and cinnamon. Its fullness, smoothness and softness together with a very long aromatic persistence prove its complex structure.
   If we look ahead this type of wine is ready for long and patient waits and expectations in its bottle, which will make it even better. There’s no ideal or suitable course for this type of Brunello but it matches very well with any kind of course: red meat and cheese with very intense taste are perfect; a glass of this wine is perfect even with very good chocolate, which gives an intense and deep pleasure.
   To taste it better one should use a wide round wineglass and the perfect temperature is about 18° C. and a couple of hours to let it taste at its best.



Brunello di Montalcino Campaperi
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