The “Valentiano” is the name of the new farm estate , it takes its origin from the joining of the names Valentina and Fabiano, it has also got a logo whose symbol has been borrowed from Celtic mythology: the tree of life, the roots of which tangle with the branches to show the circularity of life. The estate is situated on the south-west side of the hill of Montalcino and it is fully steeped in the Mediterranean macchia which grows wildly here and gives very peculiar sensations. When you climb up to the town of Montalcino from either the East or the West side, you immediately and clearly perceive a pleasant change: the air suddenly becomes fresh, crispy, full of scent and fragrance, which makes breathing easier and one is run through by a sense of lightness and nimbleness. The colour nuances are heart-taking: the bright nuances of green are really unique, the sounds are incomparable: what a wonderful, overwhelming concert can be heard at dawn and at sunset. Hundreds of birds start chirping as if they were calling one another for play or love and create such melodies that one can’t be but enchanted.
   Most of the estate, 400 m. above the sea level, is covered with macchia and the reddish growing lands show that the soil is rich in iron and clay, which perfectly drain it and together with the microclimate make it the perfect soil for the growing of vines and olive trees. Most of them were planted in the ‘90s and some date back to the ‘70s. Sangiovese is the only used vine while the olive trees range from the Leccino to Moraiolo and Olivastra.
   The winery, which has been recently fixed, is endowed with the most modern technologies in the enological field: temperature and humidity-controlled fermentation barrels, modern worm pumps, and anything which our income has made it possible.

Farm-Estate & Winery
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